5 Reasons to Sell your Michigan home in the Fall :


Back-to-school chaos often leads a lot of homeowners with busier schedules and with the new adjustments many sellers decide to wait rather than list their home during the fall. Less inventory on the market means your house has less competition for buyers to choose from, often resulting in a faster sale. 


With winter shortly approaching many buyers are in a rush to write an offer and move into their new home before the first snowfall. This gives you a higher chance of getting to the closing table quickly.


Speaking of a quick and secure closing process, with fewer transactions happening in the fall, title, mortgage and government agencies often have a lighter load and can process your file faster.


Many buyers get discouraged when their offers get outbid in the surge of the summer market and decide to take a break from looking for their next dream home towards the end of July or August. They often leave their home search notifications on during this time and just sit back patiently waiting for the next opportunity. Why not let your home be the reason to get them back in the game of house hunting?


Along with that comes some of the best weather to tour homes to buy-in. The leaves are just starting to fall off the trees which let more sunlight into your house. Your house will comfortably shine in the breezy warm days surrounded by the stunning colors of a Michigan Fall.

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