Easy and Affordable Home Upgrades to Help you Sell your Home for Top Dollar

Painted Basement Ceiling:

For over a decade homeowners have utilized the cheap and sleek look of painting their basement ceiling black. At this point, it’s proven to be a timeless look that suits itself well with almost any light fixture, paint color, or flooring. Recently a new color is coming into the trend for basement ceilings, WHITE! With matte black and gold fixtures becoming the two most popular choices, an all-white basement provides a clean and open look to what otherwise is a dark underground room.  

Framed Bathroom Mirrors:

Mirrors can be costly and if you’d rather save yourself the hassle of removing the old one, patching holes, matching the wall paint, and putting up new ones – you could simply keep your mirror and update it by building a wood trim frame around it. Paint it white to match the trim in your home or leave the wood exposed with a rich stain to make your simple mirror into a focal point.

Floating or Exposed Wooden Shelves:

Whether they’re floating or the brackets are exposed, wood shelves offer a functional showcase look. Put them almost anywhere in your home, from the kitchen to the fireplace mantel, to the bathroom or bedroom. Plus, they are fun to decorate with family photos, awards, art, or seasonal decor.

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